Weight-loss Meal Prep For Women (1 Week in 1 Hour)


Healthy weight loss meal prep for women

This is a weight-loss meal plan designed for women – specifically women who are trying to lose weight.

Each day is based on roughly 1400 calories – but you can easily adjust the calories per day to suit your needs. At the end of this video I will show you how you can tweak the eating plan to give you anywhere from 1200 calories to 1600 calories per day or more – based on your specific calorie needs to lose weight.


Each meal will be roughly 400 calories each, and each snack will be roughly 200 calories each – and I’ve specifically created these meals and recipes to be lower in calories – but to still be filling, and to give good sustained energy. These recipes all are balanced with good whole carbs, good protein and healthy fats – as it’s important to eat all of the food groups to lose weight in a healthy way.

These recipes are all very simple, and I’ll talk you through every single one as we go (watch the video to make the meal prep with me). We’ll be making 2 different dinner options, 2 lunch options, and a couple different variations and options for the breakfasts and snacks.

But feel free to just make multiple servings of one or two of the recipes if you’d prefer to do that.

I will also make sure to mention a plant-based alternative that you can use, for any food items that is not plant-based (in the video) – just in case you are plant-based. But many of these recipes are already plant-based.

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*This is a weight-loss meal plan designed for women – specifically women who are trying to lose weight. (Men or children will need to eat more to lose weight in a healthy way.)

BEFORE WE STARTtore your meals in. You will need 14 containers for all of your lunch and dinner meals, if you’ll be eating at home then you can use covered bowls or other dishes. You will also need 4 small mason jars, you can also use covered mugs or glasses. And you will need some reusable ziplock bags or other small containers for snacks and additional items.

To get started, you’ll need some containers to sBecause we want to prep 7 full days of meals in just one hour, we need to start prepping and cooking the foods that take the longest to cook. So we will work in that order, and at the end we will see all of the meals come together! Make sure that you’ve preheated your oven to 180 C/ 360 F before you begin.


To give you an example of what a balanced weight-loss diet can look like, I’m currently giving my 3 day eating plan away for FREE – But won’t always be. Make sure you grab a copy!


You can choose either one of the overnight oats, or the smoothies for each morning – what’s great is that each morning we have a completely different breakfast recipe. Your overnight oats are good to go – you can literally eat them out of the jar with a spoon, or serve them in a bowl. Whatever you like, and the smoothies are all ready and prepped – you just need to throw the prepped smoothie into a blender with 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water, Or as needed and you’re good to go (and you can have the raw nuts on the side).

Then for lunch, you’ve got the option of the egg and brown rice salad, or the quinoa and chickpea salad. Or your plant-based alternative (watch video for more details on the plant-based alternatives).

For your snacks, you’ve got a different fruit and nut combo that you can pick for each day (or another 200 calorie snack of your choice).

And then for dinner, you’e got the chicken, quinoa and vegetable dinner, or the salmon, roast potato and vegetable dinner (or your plant-based alternative, watch video for details).

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